Payroll and Tax Filing

Advantage Payroll
Advantage Payroll is one of the most powerful and flexible payroll and human resource software solution on the market today. Our system provides employers the functionality of sophisticated in-house payroll systems while simultaneously providing them with a superior outsourced payroll solution. Advantage Payroll is designed specifically for Microsoft Windows, using the PC-based operating systems and SQL database technology.

Advantage Payroll allows your clients to have secure access to their payroll and HR information from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Since Advantage Payroll requires no software to be installed on an employer’s computer, they automatically have access to the latest software versions and the most up-to-date tax tables. No matter where they are in the world, employers can access their payroll, enter employee pay information, and transmit payroll to HRPro.

Employee Self-Service
With the Advantage Payroll employee self-service solution, your client’s employees have secured access via the internet at any time to their key information, including:

  • Their most recent as well as previous payroll check stubs including check detail
  • Employee can create wage report based on user defined date ranges
  • Voluntary payroll deduction details
  • Tax and withholding status details
  • Paid Time-Off used and available balance
  • Direct deposit information
  • Demographic information

Ease of Use
The software is easy to learn and simple to use. Advantage Payroll is specially designed to allow your clients to quickly and easily navigate between different functions. Employees can be sorted and/or selected based on any field in the database, making navigating through employees a breeze. Several wizards in the Advantage Payroll system prompt the user for information in an easy-to-understand and logical manner.

A user-defined new employee wizard allows for fast and easy entry of new employees, prompting the user with the required data to properly pay the employee. Third party sick pay and manual check wizards allow for correct entries every time, with little user knowledge required. The 401k Match wizard simplifies setting up your employer match.

Our customers depend on individualized attention and quick responses to special requests:

  • Unlimited earnings and deductions
  • Unlimited direct deposits
  • Tax filing and compliance
  • Unlimited reports with each payroll
  • Third party checks and direct deposits
  • Advantage Payroll debit card service
  • Time off accrual
  • General ledger interfaces
  • Time clock interfaces
  • Labor and job costing
  • New hire reporting
  • Pay-As-You-Go worker’s compensation

HRPro’s Advantage Payroll is the wave of the future in payroll technology. When employers use direct deposit, their payroll becomes virtually paperless. The greatest benefit to our online system is the ability for employers and their employees to view 13 months of payroll history and reports.

  • Payroll is virtually paperless when used with direct deposit
  • Many companies find online payroll cheaper than shipping costs
  • Multi-level web access
  • Employer and employee self-service allows users to visit 13 months of their own check history