Integrated Debit Card

The HRPro Benefits Card is a debit card that simplifies and enhances the health care
purchasing power of individuals holding funds in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and DepenBenny-Card-HRProdent Care Accounts (DCAs). It may also be used to access some Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs). It significantly reduces the time, costs and administrative burdens on employees, employers and their plan administrators who provide these cards as a benefit option to their employees.

How it works…
Currently, many employees set aside pretax income from their paychecks in an FSA, DCA and/or HRA account, managed by a plan administrator. They must then use after-tax money for medical expenditures and mail necessary claim forms and receipts for reimbursement from the FSA, DCA or HRA trust account. Essentially, they must spend twice to save once.

The Benefits Card streamlines the claims process by allowing employees to access their FSA, DCA or HRA, much like a debit card allows one to access a bank account. The debit card system screens all transactions by eligibility of the merchant, cardholder, and account fund balances. The system authorizes transactions that meet all criteria and then allows plan administrators to review the purchases using our on-line real-time system. Card holders eliminate the hassles of claim submission and waiting for a check. The card reduces paper claim forms, check writing and wait time for reimbursement.

Our services…

  • Set up and administer reimbursement accounts
  • Daily claim review and adjudication
  • Prepare and send letters to enrollees requesting claim documentation.
  • Prepare and send monthly electronic account statements indicating balances and pending claims requiring documentation